Astrid Lindgrens: Pippi Langstrumpf (E:13 S:1)

10:00-10:25 Junior
Samstag 2022-10-08
 CDN/D/S   1998
Astrid Lindgrens: Pippi...
Astrid Lindgrens: Pippi...

Annika and Tommy introduce Pippi to a local custom, the annual town fair. It is all a bit confusing to Pippi and she has her own unique interpretation for everything she encounters, including the fire breather, snake charmer, card reader, bumper cars and Ferris wheel. When Adolphe the world¿s strongest man, challenges to take on anyone, he is not aware that Pippi Longstocking is in the audience. He regrets the challenge.

Original titel: Pippi Langstrumpf Nummerierung: Episode 13 | Season 1 Subtitle: Pippi geht auf den Jahrmarkt


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