BBC two

Inside No.9 (E:6 S:8) - The Last Weekend (30 min)

11:00 PM-11:30 PM BBC two
Mittwoch 2/28/2024
  GB  2023

Inspired by the Psychoville and the work of Alfred Hitchcock, Inside No. 9 is the work writers Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pembertona who worked with BBC to create dark humor anthology programme. Each episode introduces you to a new setting, with new characters and a completely different story. However, one thing always stays the same, is that it always set at number 9, whether it is a flat, house, hotel or mansion. It also takes deep themes into it's plot, whether that is child abuse and murder, and mix it with ordinary mundane people who show a very different and shocking lifestyle. The show portrays genuine creepiness, mixed in with British humor and slapstick comedy. Each episode aims to be grounded and real, almost making it seem like a true crime story.

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