BBC one

Father Brown - The Dead of Night (45 min)

2:45 PM-3:30 PM BBC one
Freitag 3/1/2024
  GB  2024

A picturesque English village in the early 1950s is home to a remarkable Catholic priest, whose extra-pastoral activities extend to being something of an amateur sleuth. But his crime-solving antics often raise the hackles of the local police force. Father Brown's ability to look deep inside people's minds and motivations, as well as their earthly souls, gives him the edge over many of the constables and detectives in uncovering the truth. Without straying from his solemn oath of never betraying the sanctity of the confessional, Father Brown is a man who believes in fighting injustice and helping those wrongfully accused of crimes. He can rely on the support of his parish secretary Bridgette McCarthy, and local aristocrat Lady Felicia Montague. Starring Mark Williams.


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