BBC one

Doctor Who - Wild Blue Yonder (55 min)

7:30 PM-8:25 PM BBC one
Samstag 12/2/2023
  GB  2023

The Doctor is one of a handful of survivors of a vastly superior alien species, the oligarchic Time Lords of Gallifrey, who legend has it vanished from the cosmos at the climax of an intergalactic war with the evil race of mutant robot-like Daleks. As our hero explores the universe in a time and space Tardis capsule with various human companions, the Doctor learns that a bitter enemy has returned. The evil renegade known as The Master is back with a vengeance, hell-bent on spreading death and chaos wherever opportunity beckons. For as the Doctor's fellow travellers discover, Time Lords have the power to cheat death, to regenerate and even switch gender, ethnicity and personality in the process. On the way, there are battles with evil monsters, power-hungry dictators and mad scientists, and encounters with key figures from Earth's history. But the Doctor has other enemies to face, with many unanswered questions from a distant and dimly remembered childhood.


Tschugger (E:3 S:3) Bax steht unter Mordverdacht. Gemeinsam mit dem... 23:45 Bis 0:20


Tschugger (E:4 S:3) Juni verrät Bax und Pirmin, wo sich Smetterling... 0:20 Bis 0:50


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