BBC one

Death in Paradise (E:4 S:13) (60 min)

10:00 PM-11:00 PM BBC one
Sonntag 2/25/2024
  F/GB  2024

After an island-wide blackout causes havoc in Honoré, the team trace the source to a local substation and discover an electrocuted dead body. On first appearances, it seems like a tragic accident, but when Neville and the team investigate the computer repair shop where the victim worked, they discover a hidden world of data mining and crypto currency. It turns out the victim was stealing electricity in order to mine thousands and thousands in crypto. With so much money at stake, it soon becomes clear that this was no accidental death after all. The only problem is that all three suspects were together at the time of the victim's electrocution. So if it was murder, how did they do it?


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