BBC one

The Capture (E:4 S:1) - Blind Spots (60 min)

22:00-23:00 BBC one
Dienstag 2019-09-24
  GB  2019

After discovering Hannah Roberts's corpse, Shaun flees the scene. Carey finally comes face-to-face with him on the run, and he informs her of the true location of Napier's safe house before escaping her arrest and leaving her red-faced once more. But as he escapes, Shaun is confronted by an enigmatic pair — Alma and Kenny — who claim they can give him the answers he so desperately seeks, and with no other option, Shaun agrees t o go along with them. Carey visits Napier who solidifies her suspicions that the CCTV network is being tampered with. But the closer she gets to the truth, the higher the risks become, and Garland once again disrupts the escalating chain of events. Shaun is led into the heart of a rave by Alma, where he is promised an explanation, while Carey confronts Hart as he dines with his wife at The Shard. As Flynn finds another crucial piece of evidence for Carey, Shaun finally meets the architect of his framing.

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