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Pitching In (E:1 S:1) (45 min)

15:15-16:00 BBC one
Montag 2019-03-25

Welcome to Daffodil Dunes Holiday Park in the picturesque village of Glan Mor on the North Wales coast. Run by recent widower, Frank Hardcastle, the park is the heartbeat of this close-knit community. Londoner Frank has lived here for 50 years, ever since he met the love of his life, Bronwen, while on holiday with the lads. Still mourning Bronwen's death last year, Frank has relied on his close friends, wheelchair-bound Stip and his wife Kitty, and the rest of his little gang, to get him through the bad times. When the village organise a surprise 71st birthday party for Frank, he is shocked to see his daughter, Carys, show up — she's not been back since her mum's funeral. With her is son, Dylan, a moody teenager who can't bear to be away from the bright lights of Manchester. Frank is further shocked when Carys tells him she has moved back home for good — but she is yet to tell Dylan. Carys intimates that her estranged husband, Liam, had an affair, and she has left him for good — needs a new start. Carys suggests that she becomes the park's manager — the whole place needs bringing into the 21st century. Frank's reluctant, but eventually agrees to let her take the reins on a trial basis. Carys's enthusiasm and hare-brained schemes rub some of the park's residents up the wrong way, but Carys has got other things to worry about — her ex-fiancee Danny is back in town, running the local pub. With him is the feisty Tanya and her daughter, Chloe. Village gossip is rife — surely Tanya knows that Carys jilted Danny at the altar all those years back? Frank has some secret meetings with a glamorous estate agent called Iona, who wants him to think about selling the park. She's found a buyer who's keen to pay him a good price for the site. Frank's torn — he knows he doesn't want to run the park anymore, but he knows how much the village depends on it for the local economy. But Iona can be very persuasive — is she flirting with him? — and when Frank announces that he's sellin g up, the whole village is stunned. As Carys organises a "Vintage Jamboree" at Daffodil Dunes, to drum up interest and bring in more tourists, park regulars Keith and Mandy, begin to worry that "the wrong sort" of visitor is going to spoil the quiet, relaxed ambience of the place. Carys recruits Welsh-Caribbean handyman, Royston, to help her spruce up the place and make Daffodil Dunes a happening place for a party — who wouldn't want to stay in a place like this! But things go wrong at the Jamboree when young Chloe and Dylan end up getting drunk, much to the horror of Tanya, who promptly blames Carys for not controlling her son. There's clearly jealousy on Tanya's part — she knows about her history with Danny. Or does she? As the kids are sent to bed to sleep off the hangover, Tanya asks Danny why he hasn't told Tanya "the truth" about them? What does she mean?

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