UFO (E:4 S:1) - Testpilot Paul Foster (50 min)

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Sonntag 2019-09-29
  GB  1970

Episode 2, "Exposed": A civilian test pilot stumbles on a military secret — and finds that he has flown into a new career ... One vital aspect of SHADO's work is that the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects must be kept secret. Confirmation could result in mass hysteria and terror. And SHADO has come into being not only to protect Earth from danger from outer space but to protect the public from realising that such a danger exists. Drastic action has to be taken, therefore, when a civilian test pilot named Paul Foster (Michael Billington) sees a UFO and actually photographs it. But when the UFO is intercepted by SHADO craft, Foster's plane is also damaged and crashes. He succeeds in ejecting, however, though his co-pilot is killed. Convinced that he has proof of the UFO's existence, Foster makes efforts to find his camera, but a man named Jackson (Vladek Sheybal) — who claims to be of Military Intelligence but is actually a member of SHADO — tries to persuade him that he was imagining things. The film has been recovered, but Foster is convinced that it has been doctored: there's no sign of the UFO on it. Foster is not to be put off. With the help of Janna Wade (Jean Marsh), sister of his dead co-pilot, he follows up one clue after another, and his suspicions are deepened when he discovers that ex-USAF Colonel Ed Straker (Ed Bishop) is now a film executive. It looks as if he is in real trouble when he learns that Straker is, in fact, the SHADO Commander and that he has stumbled into the realms of very tight security — but there are major surprises ahead when he also learns that Jackson, Janna and even the doctor who attended him are members of SHADO and that every clue he has been following up has been deliberately planted to trap him into the subject of a test before being invited to become a member of the organisation himself.

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